Persia Khodarahmi is a strong example of women achieving dominant roles and shattering the glass ceiling with their professional achievements. Presently serving as Founder/ Director of Operations at Toronto-based branding and marketing company, GODA Digital Inc. Persia is known by many as a young woman who helps inspire others to create their own entrepreneurial paths. Persia Khodarahmi has achieved almost seven years of experience in various roles, including Executive Legal Assistant, Office Manager and as an HR Generalist that has shaped up her career. The diverse job roles of Persia reflect on her dedication to leadership, learning, and entrepreneurship.

Persia Khodarahmi has clearly shown that perseverance and determination bear sweet fruits in the end. During her term as an Executive Legal Assistant, Persia was not hesitant to join the School of Human Resource Management at York University for completing her Bachelor’s degree in HRM Honours with a specialization in Human Resources Management. She completed her Bachelor’s certification in a period of four years from 2014 to 2018 and has also continued in her professional career without any setbacks. 

Persia Khodarahmi is an avid hockey enthusiast and is a family person. She likes to spend time with her family as well as visit new places and restaurants nearby in the city. She has also shown her willingness and dedication to volunteer work by participating in youth entrepreneurial programs such as serving as an Advisor for the Junior Achievement Company Program. She has spent many years volunteering at the Youth Leadership Development program at the YMCA of Greater Toronto. Her volunteer work has also been noticed prominently in giving back to the community as an Emergency Room Assistant at the University Health Network where she served for almost three years assisting persons and families of those attending the ER. The volunteer work of Persia Khodarahmi can also be noticed in her work as an International Languages Teaching Assistant for Farsi language at the Toronto District School Board for almost six years. She was engaged in providing support to children in the age group of 4 to 12 years old for learning to speak, read and write in Farsi language.

The formidable strengths of Persia Khodarahmi include relationship building and abilities for influencing people that adequately support her management and leadership skills. The passion of Persia to connect with new people is adequately supported by her adaptability strengths followed by her skills for influencing people. Her commanding abilities are reflected in her personality type, i.e., ENTJ. Persia Khodarahmi shows adequate energy and efficiency in all her tasks and can take on leadership and management tasks with strong levels of dedication and higher self-confidence. The journey of Persia Khodarahmi and the number of job roles she has assumed in her career paint her identity as charismatic and inspiring and could also work favourably for distinct areas such as strategic thinking.

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